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Security Camera Systems

Protect yourself your home or business with a professionally installed security cameras! There are many reasons to do this. You might want to protect your home or business from theves or vandals. You may wish to protect a loved one from stalking or abuse. You may just want piece of mind know that your home, cabin or rental property is secured while you are away. 

Superior Web Systems can design, install, and support all your security camera needs. We can install one or multiple cameras for you, and we know the tricks to get it done right. 

Single Camera Systems

  • Low costs
  • Easy to maintain
  • Low bandwidth
  • Realtime streaming though the Internet to your cell phone or laptop.
  • Can be simple or contain a lot of intelegent recording


Multiple Camera Systems

  • See your entire home or business any time, day or night
  • Can be setup to have video that goes back months to find that missing item that no one noticed until now
  • Can auto track individules or vehicles as they move around your property
  • Can alert you via Email if a change has occurred


Additional Options

  • Can be in exotic physical locations far away from power and internet. We can boost the power your wireless network to out of the way locations and power the cameras on remote solar panels.
  • Can be customized to trigger events work with electro magnetic vehicle sensors.
  • Can have advanced logic like- only trigger an alarm on every Tuesday if there is motion by two cameras.
  • If you have a lot of users that wish to view the camera feeds, we can multicast the camera results for dozes or thousands of viewers.
  • Can be tied in your security gate.


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